May 10, 2013

MUSF Sprint Tri

(what a long title for such a short race...)

HFP Racing has successfully put on multisport races for over 20 years throughout Ohio, the midwest, and beyond.  April 20th they put on the Miami Sprint Triathlon.  Originally I had hoped to race an early season 70.3, but plans change and I am proud to be flexible with my schedule. 
A race director is gambling with Ohio weather in April.  You've got the chance for temperatures ranging from 30-70's and who-knows-what-else in terms of rain, sleet, snow, wind, sunshine, etc.  This year we had 35 degree temperatures and wind.  This is officially the coldest triathlon I've done in my career...
Testing out my new XTERRA skinsuit
The race begins with a serpentine swim through the lanes of the Miami University rec pool.  The participants enjoy a time trial start, one racer leaving every couple seconds, to complete a 400 meter swim. 

A sprint race can be won or lost by mere seconds and time spent in T1/T2 needs to be minimal.  Not for this fair-weather-racer...  Let's be honest: getting out of a pool and jumping on a bike dripping wet in 35 degree temperatures is not smart, nor pleasant.  I put on 3 tops, head wrap, gloves, socks, and had toe covers already on my shoes.  I had pants set out, but opted against them when I saw another racer I had passed in the pool about to start the bike ahead of me...  time to get going. 
It was soooooo cold on the bike!  My ice block legs did their best to push through the 12 rolling miles around Oxford, Ohio.  I was excited for this race to gauge my fitness level, but in these conditions it was tough to get a clear read.  I would try to push harder but couldn't find any gears.  That's when you say, "everyone is racing in the same conditions... deal with it, and keep pushing". 

So glad for the Tri4Him long sleeve jersey
Run: I spent 5k running with a guy wearing only a Speedo wondering why on earth he didn't put more clothes on (and assuming he was thinking the same thing).  My legs were numb from the ankle down and I attempted a fast-turnover run through the university campus.  I crossed the finish line 6th overall/ 1st female and spent the next 10 minutes waiting for my face to thaw so I could talk right.  Some of us quickly packed up our gear and spent the next hour thawing in the hot tub  :)
Gotta love early season racing.  Click here for full race results

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