March 16, 2013


2013 is quickly becoming filled with many new and exciting things for me.  In terms of triathlon, I am proud to begin racing with the Tri4Him Pro team.

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A couple weeks ago I got the chance to meet, train, and brainstorm with the Tri4Him founders, some of the team sponsors, and other professional athletes on the team.  What an amazing, motivating, driven group!  Our purpose is not merely focused on racing fast, but glorifying God and loving others through our sport.  Keep your eyes out for opportunities to serve with us beyond race day. 
Top Row: Matt Sheeks, Jared Milam, Nick Waninger, Ryan Rau
Bottom Row: Natasha van der Merwe, Natalie Kirchhoff, Abby Geurink, Missy Kuck
After spending time with me (as it relates to sport), you understand that I am serious about training, strive to excel on race day, and encourage others to get involved and push themselves.  Once you talk with me, you understand that my identity is not dependent on triathlon.  While I have enjoyed the successes and opportunities triathlon has brought, I've learned lessons far more important than mere race details over the past 19 seasons ( first triathlon was in the summer of 1994). 
          • Humility
          • Perseverance
          • Leadership
          • Pride
          • Stewardship
          • Courage
          • Patience
(just to name a few...)  I can look at the lessons and relate them solely to racing, or choose to understand them as they correspond to other areas in life, and most importantly as it relates to my faith.

But for now I'm getting back on track after the trip to Dallas (with Tri4Him) and a 2nd year assisting with the Marine Corps Wounded Warriors Trials in San Diego.  Next post will cover that trip  :)


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