July 1, 2012

Tri Clinic

This weekend Daniel Smith and I hosted a triathlon clinic in Vermilion, Ohio. 

Daniel and I earlier this year in San Diego at the
Wounded Warrior Trials

Developing a training plan that provides zone-focused workouts and adequate recovery, yet allows for flexibility in response to unforseen details remains the priority importance in triathlon.

Any single sport lends itself to numerous details as each athlete strives to gain a competitive edge over their opponents.  Multiply that x3 in this sport...then add transitions into that mix.  Daniel and I covered details from each of these disciplines, and provided advice regarding nutrition, recovery, and strength training

 swim clinic

Not only were we able to discuss running technique, but we were fortunate to have AV equipment to record and review each person's run form.  This provides instant feedback to the athlete. 

Click here to visit Daniel's website- he is a creative photographer
AND knowledgable coach

I believe photography and video feedback is one of the most valuable teaching tools in any sport.  Over the years I have learned through visual aids such as these and others.  In competitive swimming, attention to detail combined with training builds an efficient, powerful athlete.  I can remember doing swim benches, stretch cords, and swimming while studying my stroke in a mirror. 

Lodging accomodations allowed me to bike, run, and get an
open water swim right from the front door :)

Afterwards, it was back to training for me.  This heat has been incredible, no?  It was 93 degrees when I went for my bike ride at 5pm.  Bleh...

Sunset, dinner, and relaxation on the beach at the end of the day. 
(right across the street from where I stayed... perfect loction)

I'm excited to continue working with Daniel and offer triathlon clinics.  Contact me if you are interested in attending one!  missykuck@hotmail.com

thank you for everything Daniel!

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  1. you are an incredible human..in every respect, and I'm very fortunate to have the chance to do this and also help others too! Thank u Missy too!