July 12, 2012

Muncie 36.2

You may be asking, "36.2?  I thought you weren't doing Muncie."  I wasn't until Friday afternoon when WTC announced the change in distance due to the weather forecast.  While most people were upset with the decision, I was not. 

1 mile swim
29 mile bike (supposed to be 30)
6.2 mile run

Race pictures courtesy of Ali Engin.  Click HERE to see
more photos from Muncie.  I'm in a number of them.  He did a
great job capturing pre-race, transition, and up-close race photos. 

Tues: I talked with my coach and we decided it might be best to race Racine 70.3 instead of Muncie 70.3 (as was originally planned). 

Wed: double workout and full work day.

Thur: full work day and 2 1/4 brick in the evening.

6am: long swim. 
Worked 8:30-2:30. 
2:30 got a text from Erika Wetzel  confirming a change in race distance due to and extreme heat forecast (103 degrees + midwest humidity). 
2:32 - called coach and debated whether or not I should race.  He voted "no".
3:09 - called coach back and said, "I think I should race."  We discussed pros/cons and put together a race strategy and I was given the green flag to head to Muncie, IN. 
4:30 - made plans for my dog, car was packed up, got directions to hotel, and was heading west. 
7:30 - had already picked up my packet, snagged a couple items at the expo, got food at Subway, and checked into the hotel. 

4:20am - wake up and head to race
6:35am - race start.  The water was 86 degrees.  I was the only one without a speedsuit (which surprised me).  By the halfway point I felt like a noodle in the water due to the temperature.  I fell off pace of the 2 leaders and came out of the water 3rd. 

7:00am - hit the bike.  I almost lost my shoe during T1 and started out on the flat course.  No wind along the ride today.  I felt pretty flat on the bike, but kept pushing.  I'd see 18mph and wonder why I was going so slow... ahhh, false flats.  The adjusted course took us on an out-and-back that merged back into a loop with the waves of racers behind us.  I was thankful for that visual motivation versus the vacant road ahead (which is my typical view on the bike).  I got nearer to the 2nd place racer but did not pass her and ended up 3rd going into the run.  Race highlight: fastest bike split!! 

8:10am - started the run, and was quickly passed at mile 1.5, then 2, then 2.5.  I was still in 6th...still in the money.  The race plan given to me was to relax on the first mile ("ridiculously slow") and build into the run.  The second half I pushed so I could stay top 6, but was passed in the last mile.  After looking at my run split, I may have relaxed a little too much - whoops!  I ended up 7th overall. 

12:00 noon - back home in Dayton, OH getting showered, eating some food, and getting ready to head out to my cousin's wedding.  I was in the chapel by 2:10 with coffee in hand (to stay awake...it was 103 degrees...who would want coffee otherwise?)  The ceremony and reception were fabulous, stocked with good food and dancing.  Congratulations Ty and Cathy! 

Sunday: recovery day (yard work, cleaning my house, getting my roof patched, etc...  that's recovery, right?)  I was thankful for the day off work to get my bearings. 

This upcoming weekend: Racine 70.3
I'm excited - I've always wanted to race this course.  It started out as an event put on by my friends at HFP Racing.  I raced with them for 6 years and keep a handful of their events on my schedule each year. 


  1. Hey Miss, no blogs in over 5 months? What's up?

  2. i know!! i'm sooo very far behind in this area. you know when something needs to be done, then you put it off a week, then it's been a month...you look back and realize it's been so long that it seems overwhelming...so you put it off again. that's kind of where i am. i feel terrible, but i have a "better-late-than-never goal" and will report my whereabouts over the past months in the near future. sometimes other things in life are more important than blogging - even though i've enjoyed creating the reports :) stay tuned. missy

    1. Oh don't feel bad! There are at least 39 more important things in life than "blogging". Glad all is well.