June 7, 2012

25% off at TriSports June 13-14 only!

haha!  me at age 10-ish (something tells me
i'm going to regret posting this picture...)

ok everyone - i feel like a walking billboard ever since last year. it's not really my style, but i promote the people who support me and the companies i trust

TriSports 25% off June 13-14th only!!!
(did i say that loud enough? 25% off is huge...can't deny that. ask them about free shipping offers)

*enter MKUCK-S in the comment section*

they are having a contest to see who can get the most referrals during this sale.... smart tactics - tell a bunch of uber-type-A-competitive athletes to try and win at something

  • everyone on E2 tri team (or another team) enters a different code... whenever you order from TriSports enter the E2 code for your discount and MKUCK-S in the comment section. entering my code may not always adjust the $$ amount in addition to your discount but it lets TriSports know i am promoting their name (and that is really important to me)
  • not everyone in this email does tri's... but nearly all of you exercise and some of you coach (or you know someone who does) and they sell shoes, swim suits, clothes, and nutrition at great prices
  • ok....some of you hate to exercise and are probably going to delete this email... but you'd be missing out on a sale for those running shoes you wear to work, walk your dog, or wear to Cedar Point

forward this via email- anyone can use it

here's my shopping list: (just to name a few... i usually wait for a big sale like this and go to town)
  1. Speedsuit
  2. Aqua Jogger http://www.trisports.com/aqfitbe.html
  3. Finis tempo trainer http://www.trisports.com/finis-tempo-trainer.html
  4. GU chomps http://www.trisports.com/gu-chomps.html


  1. hmmm..that is one intense stare down for a 10 year old. "Don't mess with me and be very afraid of these bicepts"

    1. Holy crap. Your hair is white. Was that that the going "trend" then??? :)

      I agree with previous post. Your "intensity" started at an early age...

    2. actually, my hair was often green from the chlorine

      intensity?? i'm a gentle flower who melts in the rain :)